I wear a cowboy hat - it is my business hat


Film and Comparative Lit. graduate, begrudgingly plies trade in a post office (no, not like Bukowski). I blog about these things and also my terrible drawings for your (dis)pleasure. Furthermore ignore the wank off message the theme maker encoded into the script at the bottom. All content is obviously my own unless stated. I'm not going to watermark my stuff.

here's my last.fm

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Hey, Bart! Summer’s almost here. Which kind of sprinkler do you like? The one that goes like this? Or the one that goes like this? Oh, and there’s this one!

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someone showing me arctic monkeys


me listening to arctic monkeys


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i literally went to turn on my computer to screenshot this whole tweet and post it here because i have not been able to stop laughing at it for the past ten minutes

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Owen Pallett covering Caribou’s “Odessa”

was a wee bit dubious at first but yeah this is good

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Philip K Dick gets some love on the Simpsons

ok this is really cute

Sort my Pieces, the Policefig Said.

Excellent all round.

My 2nd ever foray into watercolours/canvas.

Welcome Thrillho.


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use your freedom of choice

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